Salary Increase Plan Guidelines for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff (FY 2013-14)

The following guidelines are designed to assist departments in implementing the FY 2013-2014 salary plan for PPSM Policy-Covered (Non-Represented) staff.

1. Eligibility

Consistent with the Regents’ and President’s decisions for FY 2013-2014, policy-covered staff are eligible for increases of 3%, effective July 1, 2013 (or July 7 for bi-weekly paid employees) except as noted below. 

The Chancellor has authorized eligibility for all employees including those who have received base-salary adjustments (such as equity increases or promotions) within the last 12 months, unless any of the following exclusions apply.


  • Top-level Senior Management Group (SMG) members, including the president, chancellors, executive and senior vice presidents and other senior managers who report directly to the president; medical center chief executive officers; direct reports to the Regents; certain other senior managers; and athletic coaches/directors whose salaries are covered by multi-year contracts.
  • For Level 2 SMG positions, resulting compensation must be below the 75th percentile of the applicable Market Reference Zone (MRZ). A Level 2 SMG incumbent whose salary is at or above 75th percentile is ineligible for a salary increase under this plan.
  • Individuals whose performance review was unsatisfactory or “Does Not Meet Expectations” may be excluded from this plan based on appropriate documentation by the department, including the most recent performance evaluation.
  • Exclusively represented, bargaining-unit employees whose salaries are determined in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements are not eligible.
  • Per-diem appointments.
  • Floater appointments (Health System).
  • Casual-restricted student appointments.
  • New employees hired after January 1, 2013.
  • Contract appointments that are not subject to PPSM Salary Policy 30.
  • Rehired retirees who have not suspended their UCRP payments.

2. Applicable Policies and Procedures

  • All normal approval processes and approval levels will apply to salary actions under this plan.  
  • Transactions for individuals whose total cash compensation is above $250,000 must be reported to Campus Human Resources for inclusion in the biannual transactions report.
  • One-over-one approval of actions is required; for example, an increase for a supervisor’s direct report must also be endorsed at the next management level. 
  • This plan is made pursuant to Salary Policy PPSM 30, which stipulates that an employee’s total salary increase during FY 2013-2014 may not exceed 25% of base salary.
  • Resulting salaries should be within the applicable salary range and grade. Any exceptions require advance approval by Campus Human Resources or Health Sciences Human Resources.
  • Staff paid on general funds the increases must be provided from current allocations; there will be no additional allocations made to accommodate this increase in expenditures.

3. Salary Structure Adjustments

Salary ranges will be adjusted effective July 1, 2013, and are available on the CHR website under Compensation and Classification for:


Information regarding implementation dates will be sent to HR administrators by Compensation Services. For questions, contact your Compensation Consultant in Campus Human Resources (310) 794-0880 or Health Sciences Human Resources (310) 794-0500.


Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
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