June Training & Development Newsletter

Training News - June 2011

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."  
- Chinese Proverb

Take advantage of skill building and professional development opportunities. The following are highlights of upcoming workshops. We look forward to seeing you in class!


Business Ethics – This class will increase awareness of the implications of business ethics and provide a practical way for dealing with ethical dilemmas. Discuss the importance of ethics and their practical application in case studies. This class will be held June 10.


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills – Learn to overcome the challenges of public speaking. This workshop will provide participants with the fundamental presentation skills needed to design and deliver articulate, well-planned presentations in a variety of formal and informal settings. This class will be held June 23.


Building Effective Work Teams – This course is designed to help supervisors and managers gain an understanding of team development concepts to help create cohesion and enhance effectiveness of their work groups. Participants must be in the payroll classification of Sr. Analyst or its equivalent and above. This class will be held June 16.

Job Descriptions: Learn How to Make the Job Description Work for You – Learn how to create effective job descriptions that will enable you to recruit, develop and retain outstanding staff. This course addresses legal considerations in the development of job descriptions and provides hands-on experience. Participants must be designated as supervisors in the Employee Database system to be eligible to take the course. This class will be held June 20.


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